Guided Centenary Walk on 9th February 2019

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Centenary Walk

A second guided walk is being planned by the Walk Team, for Saturday 9th February, meeting at 10.00am at the Stanborough Lake Cafe, next to the Terranova Restaurant.

We will be walking the whole circuit 0f 20.20 Kms (12.5 miles) in an anti-clockwise direction, so heading off towards Mill Green from Stanborough. Walkers can peel off at any time back to catch a
bus or walk back into town.

We plan to be back by 4.00 pm estimating the walk, including lunch, can take up to 6 hours. A packed lunch would need to be taken with you and warm clothes worn and boots.
This is an informal walk so it is at your own risk!

If you are interested in joining us, or have any questions, please do contact me.

Diana Walsh
The Centenary Walk

Centenary Walk Map PDF Download (866kb)