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WGC 100 Sport for All- Celebrating a Century of Sport

Our Group’s aim is To encourage, facilitate and coordinate the celebration of a century of sport in Welwyn Garden City.

We will not organise any events, but will concentrate on identifying and encouraging Sports Clubs and relevant organisations to take part, and on publicising and coordinating the events and activities that they want to organise themselves. In encouraging Clubs we will stress the opportunity for them to “showcase their activities”. It may be possible to “re-badge” some existing sporting events and we will encourage this and also new competitions.

Who We Are
Our group represents a wide range of sporting experience in the town
John Beech (Chairman) – tennis, golf and former chairman of Gosling
Eric Walsby (Secretary) – table tennis, tennis, golf
Emma Ramsdale – Partner in Kinetic Cycles and organiser of the Petit Tour
Jennine Carpenter – Youth football
Dave Bartlett – badminton and Chairman of Welwyn Hatfield Sport and Physical Activity Alliance
Matt Rayner – Community Partnership Manager, Welwyn Hatfield Council
We would be delighted to add to the team. If you are interested, please use the contact address below.

What We Are Doing
We are working with Better/Gosling and Finesse so that we can maximise the use of their sports facilities.
We are compiling a list of all the sports clubs in the town. In October we will write to everyone to seek their involvement and any immediate ideas that they might have for what they would like to do.
We are also seeking to work with Primary and Secondary Schools and the many youth organisations in the town.
Our intention is to have a range of sporting events throughout 2020 and to have a Celebration of Sport event in July 2020, spanning two weekends and coinciding with the Petit Tour.

How Will This Help Your Club?
An opportunity to either add or modify an event or competition
Publicity for the Club which will help to attract new members
Support for arrangements, prizes and publicity

Contact Us
Our email address is: